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Law Firm Content Management

Law Firm Content Management

It's Easier Than You Have Ever Known To Manage Your Website.

Content Management for a law firm´s website is critical. Did you know you can cross-reference information from your databases with information on search sites like Lexis? This type of service is most popular when the information your law firm uses changes more quickly than your current site can be changed. If you can use Word, you can make the necessary alterations to your site to keep your content updated from anywhere, whether you´re staying current with the news or changing photographs quickly and easily. Take advantage of the technical and design skills from SolutionsPal, and your site will not only be beautiful and easy to use, it will give you a whole new set of controls that you´ve never experienced before!

Benefits of our Content Management System (CMS)

Want to edit photos or add and remove pages? No problem. With NRI Legal Consulting´s Content Management System, changes are quick, easy and code free. You and any member of your staff that you give access to can edit your site and update cases results or news. As information is always changing, it is important that your site is relevant and fresh. Every time you add to or change the content on your sites, you are increasing search engine optimization and helping your firm or company rank better organically.

You´ll also have access to edit company bios, attorney profiles, news, articles, and any other information on your site. All of this from one law firm marketing company! SolutionsPal will build your website, improve your SEO, monitor and maintain your online reputation, build and send your email blasts, conduct your social media interactions, and make sure your site is rising higher and higher in the search engine results. Plus, you´ll get control of your website with our content management programs. If it sounds like the best of all possible online worlds, that´s because it is!

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