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SEO for Law Firms

SEO for Law Firms

It´s estimated that 90% of law firms have websites. Unfortunately, the large majority of these sites fail to get optimal results, in large part, because they´re not properly optimized to achieve maximum visibility. Our Advanced Search Engine Optimization Package gives firms the edge that they need to compete and achieve those coveted top spots in the search engine result pages.

A dedicated team of search engine optimization (SEO) specialists starts by helping you clearly define your website objectives. Then we build and fine-tune your website using proven, data-driven methodologies, with constantly refreshed law firm SEO to help ensure your site stays ahead of the competition.

Search Engine Optimization includes:

  • Creating professional, easy to read and useful content
  • Proper coding of the title tags of each page
  • Proper coding of the Meta content of each page
  • Proper use of alt tags for images
  • Proper use of link building
  • Proper use of page names, titles, & content specific pages
  • Submission to the internet search engines
  • Inclusions into business related directories for strong in-bound links
  • Legal Keyword Research and Selection
  • Performance Tracking for your Law Firm´s SEO Campaign

Properly providing these services is rarely done by most amateur optimization consultants, yet it is extremely important to do each one correctly.

With so much competition, it´s easy for your site to get lost in the sea of lawyer websites. With Synergy and a team of experts working to maximize your firm´s visibility, you can ensure that your firm´s website stands out and gets you results for years to come.

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