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Law Firm Press takes pride in providing professional law firm web design at a fair, affordable rate. As the primary means of introducing yourself to the public, your law firm´s website needs to be just as high in quality as the practice itself. A site with little expertise behind it comes across as unprofessional and unreliable—two qualities that you do not want to associate with your firm. Far more than just a spot on which to list a phone number for further contact, your site needs to show potential clients that you are capable and willing to handle their cases successfully. With our combination of technical knowledge and familiarity with the unique landscape of the legal world, we can help you develop a site that will represent you just the way you need it to.


While websites for laws firms are already much different from other types of sites, they also differ from one another based on the kinds of cases each firm focuses on. For example, a lawyer that handles primarily white-collar cases should have a site that displays his understanding of the field´s terminology and complexities. On the other hand, an attorney that specializes in misdemeanor, traffic, or juvenile cases will want to project a more accessible, friendly image. Missing the target on character and tone can easily put off clients, even if they can´t articulate exactly why.


An individual who is visiting your website is often already in legal trouble, or is anticipating it in the near future. He does not have the time to scan multiple pages of your site, educating himself about your firm´s history, avoiding large advertisements, and navigating a maze of links, before deciding to make a call. Some of the most important parts of your strategy are placing the pertinent information in the right areas of each page and communicating your firm´s strengths as quickly as possible.


Successful law firm web design doesn´t end with a great website. Pages must be optimized for search engines so that ideal prospective clients can find you easily. Social media marketing addresses a large yet targeted audience at very little cost to you. And videos, images, and other media placed strategically on your website can maximize your online presence.

Our experience with technology and the legal field can make your website one of your firm´s most effective publicity tools. From the all-important first impression to conversion of prospects into clients, we will ensure that every feature of your site delivers your message with just the right character and clarity.

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